Be Inspired: Nature is Speaking

Take a few minutes to listen to what Mother Earth, Ocean, Soil & Forest have to say to you. If they could speak in words besides actions, this is probably what they would say. (Assuming they are as polite as their narrators).

Both stunning in cinematography, choice of voices and the character that comes with them, as in the message these video’s are sending. These video’s are worth watching and will give you a much-needed wake-up call to take responsibility.

Like this? You’ll also enjoy these artists advocacy campaigns on climate.

I am Mother Nature. Your actions will determine your faith, not mine. I am Nature. I will go on. I am prepared to evolve. Are you?

I am the Ocean. I give. They take. But I can always take back. If Nature isn’t kept healthy, humans won’t survive.

I am the Soil. I am broken and sick because of you. Are you paying attention? I am turning into dust. I suppose you still want to eat, right?

Humans. Making air.. That’ll be fun to watch.


Also listen to what Ice, Coral Reef, Flowers and Redwood have to say. 

Or check out the original post by On the Road Through

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