Be inspired: Challenge your views

Dalia Mogahed ted

Dalia Mogahed, who served on Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships in 2009, manages to reflect on the connections between the current rising of Islamophobia, 9/11, the effect of self-fulfilling prophecies on all citizens (Muslim & non-Muslims alike) and the political benefit of anti-Muslim sentiment.

Since it’s impossible to form an opinion based on a one-sided story, I invite everyone (especially Trump supporters & enthusiasts) to listen to Dalia Mogahed’s speech to learn to understand how negative biases influence all of us, how politicians may benefit from the creation of these negative images and how Dalia’s choice to wear the hijab was actually a declaration of feminist independence rather than a sign of oppression. Challenge your views and enable yourself to reconstruct your opinion.

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