Heroes: The White Helmets

the white helmets syria

We all know the big charities and NGO’s of today’s development and humanitarian scene. When I say UNICEF, Oxfam, Save the children, Red Cross and International Rescue Committee, you probably all know what these organizations are and what they aim to do. All these organizations have their pro’s and con’s ranging from discussions about overpaid executives, expensive headquarters and inefficient use of funds. But let’s be honest. There will never be big NGO’s without con’s. Try and solve the problems of the world and you are bound to step on someone’s  toes.

These are the big, well-known charities, but there are millions and millions of non-profit, charitable organizations around the world. In the ‘Heroes’ section we would like to introduce the smaller, not so well-known, but amazing organizations to you. By doing so, we hope to offer these small organizations a platform to share their work and to help you, our readers, to make a better-informed choice on which organizations fit your values and interests.

What and where you buy also benefits global development & humanitarian aid.

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The Syrian Civil Defence force understands that the essence of life is life itself. The defense force (aka the White Helmets), save lives. All lives. Friend or enemy, when it comes to having the right to live, these terms are irrelevant. The White Helmets rescue workers are a group of volunteers who rush to the scene when barrel bombs fall. They dig up victims and survivors to offer them medical assistance or a proper burial.

Quran (5:32): “To save one life is to save all of humanity”

Hippocratic Oath (freely translated): “their job is to save people’s lives not to judge them.

The White Helmets started their work in 2013 with a group of around 20 volunteers. Now, their team has grown to almost 3000 men and women who have rescued more than 24.000 people. Their choice was to fight, flee or help.

Also read the illustrated story of Khalid, who fled Syria to find refuge in Europe.

The code which guides the White Helmets every move: “Humanity, Solidarity, Impartiality”, brings them back to the essence of every life saved is a life that’s been given a second chance of the lifetime and lifeline it deserved.

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Besides their rescue missions, the White Helmets also offer services to those who still live in the war-torn area’s of Syria. Since the rescue team is formed by volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, they offer their other skills to improve the standards of living where they can. They provide electrical and construction services in order to secure damaged buildings.

Also read this interview with the founder of the White Helmets by Al Jazeera


You can support the White Helmets by standing with them on facebook, by spreading their stories and sending them a thumbs up on Twitter and by signing their petition to remind the UN Security Council to take action against the use of barrel bombs (as they promised).

And of course, last but not least, you can send a donation.

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