Inner Post USA election debate


Losing the dream of each other while each-other is the core word or value in what (i personally) strive for. How is it that I lost track of the needs and wishes of those who stand opposed me while speaking up for equality. We all create our others. Our words and actions are often formed as a counter-reaction to those we disagree with. We are all responsible for the reactions we trigger in our fellow people. Then how can it be that I am surprised and shocked even by the current state of things… I was only aware of the increase of my own needs to promote equality, globalization, open borders and unity as a response to the aggressive and negative news features and spoken words of those supporting the opposite ideas. At the same time I was completely oblivious to the fact that I, and many others, are the co-creators of the opinions of these oppositions.. just like they are the co-creators of mine. How can I preach equality when I take their worries and values for granted.

I believe it is because i think I’m right when I say all people are created equal and therefore are entitled to the same rights. I believe I am right when I say this equality means we are all responsible for each other no matter our background, nationality, color, beliefs, sexuality & so on. But it is this believe that also means that I should acknowledge the fact that those who hold a different opinion feel the same way when it comes to their claim to truth. I don’t have the right to treat your opinion with any less respect than I treat my own. I do however have the right to speak up against it. So all I ask from you is that you will value my opinion as much as I will yours. Let’s listen to each other with more attention and respect so that we can re-find our common ground as humans.


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