Message to ISIS

After the attacks on humanity by ISIS last week, we can hardly stay silent. I refer to it as humanity since I don’t want to put more value on one attack over the other. I think we can all agree that if there is one thing ISIS is attacking, it is humanity. Since they seem to lack any sign of it.

This platform started to keep an eye on the positive side of things. Therefor I will not go into detail about the attacks itself. Media broadcasts have already done that in abundance. I will also not talk about why these attacks were committed and how it can be understandable for people to radicalize. I will leave that to the experts.

What I will do, is send a message to ISIS. You may have noticed the Active Change Foundation‘s internet campaign. ACF is a British youth charity which launched a #MessageToISIS campaign at the start of July. It is meant to provide people with an outlet by which they can send a (preferably artistic) message to ISIS. Since the start of the campaign more than half a million people have used the hashtag to send their messages. Many of those come from Muslims expressing their defiance and anger to ISIS. Personally I resent the call to Muslims, asking them to condemn ISIS more loudly than non-Muslims. I believe we should all let our voices be heard.

Isis is trying to create a division between Muslims and non-Muslims, believers and non-believers. They want us to close our borders and to make us resent our own values. The only way we can make sure they fail is by standing as one. If we let our fear get the better of us they have succeeded in using us in their recruitment plan. So lets not. Let us all send a message to ISIS.

Therefore, here is my message to ISIS:

I despise your method, but I thank your unintentional message. Thank you for reminding us why people are fleeing Syria. Thank you for reminding us about the atrocities you commit in their country. Thank you for reminding us to welcome them with open arms, because everybody deserves refuge from a barbarian like you. I will do all I can, to give them a safe home. What I will not do, in  any way, is contribute to the path you are trying to force on us. I will not set foot on that path of hatred and ignorance which has led you to where you are now. I will not make people feel hated or feared. I will not be an advocate for closing  borders. I will do the opposite. Refugees Welcome!

مرحبا باللاجئين

I will refuse to be a pawn in your recruitment strategy. Better yet, I hope for the EU to re-find their common grounds and work together so that we can shelter all who needs sheltering. You may be proud that you are an international network. That you have recruited (and misled), people from all over the world, but let’s be honest.. The number of your recruits vanishes when placed next to the number of refugees. Those are the people that count. They are the true voice of Syria and we will stand with them. We will keep them safe until their country will be theirs again.


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