The Connection between Beyoncé’s formation and Mandela’s rugby world cup

OK, ladies, now let’s get in formation

The timing of Beyoncé’s latest video could not be better. Not only does the video represent black women in all their diversity and beauty throughout history during their continuous under-representation, the video also addresses several political subjects in the midst of racial unrests in the US.  Beyoncé and her ladies take the streets of New Orléans, reclaim their power as plantation bosses and take formation in the ongoing battle for equality. Honoring the work and celebrating the strongness of women in the black social justice movements.

Even though we live in 2016 and we all like to think that we have reached the modern times, the unfortunate fact remains that we (the people) still can’t seem to coöperate as one. News reports of unjust shootings of black kids are still all too common. The under-representation (or better yet, under-appreciation) of black actors became clear (..again) during the presentation of the 2016 Oscar nominations. And the Ferguson unrest is still simmering on.

Prove to me you got some coördination.

With the release of the video just 1 day before the opening of the US Super Bowl where Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Coldplay performed during the halftime show, the video became more than just an amazing video. With the Superbowl being as big as it is in the States, the power of the opening act reminded me of the unifying strength of sports events as it did during the 1995 rugby world cup in South Africa. Remember the movie, Invictus? During which Nelson Mandela and team captain, François Pienaar managed to unite the broken post-apartheid nation by standing together during the world cup. Resulting in South Africa’s victory and a sense of unity to start the transformation process.

mandela mandela François Pienaar,

As an outsider, it seems that the United States is also in need of some mending. By releasing the video a day before the Super Bowl, Queen B made sure that everyone was able to sing along during the musical battle between Coldplay, Mars and the Formation which ended in an homage to former (black and white) opening act artists and the ‘clear as day’-message:“We’re gonna get it, get it together right now/ Gonna get it, get it together somehow.” Followed by the crowd lifting up sign cards which spelled “Believe in Love”. In other words, it’s time to once and for all, come together.

believe in love super bowl

What did you think about the video? And what are your thoughts about the madness which was released on social media after the video release? I’d love to hear about it. Nothing like this I hope:

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